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Robert Nulley and his sidekick Mike McCoy are private investigators. With one small caveat: they’re gay. They’re not the stereotypical PI’s like Mickey Spillane’s shoot-em-up Mike Hammer or Easy Rawlins, the breakthrough character in Walter Mosley’s collection of detective novels. No, these Private Investigators simply do surveillance, serve court papers, find missing persons and otherwise live a normal homosexual lifestyle, until they are unwittingly pulled into a plot of sex, murder and blackmail.

Roll through the streets of San Francisco in Nulley’s beat-up ‘63 Ford Falcon (which threatens to stop at every stop) in this raucous period of the early 70’s before the AIDS epidemic when Polk Street at 2:00 a.m. was like high noon. Share the hilarious antics of Mike, Dr. Watson if you will, who has no problem expressing his sexuality or kicking a motherf#@%&+’s ass. And follow Nulley’s unrequited love affair with the man in his life.

And what mystery would be complete without transsexuals living as women and exotic dancers at one of the most popular strip clubs in the city? When “Honey” and “Melony” are murdered and the police have few clues to go on, how do our Sherlylock Holmes and his Ms. Watson get caught up in this plot of sex, extortion and murder?